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The Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI), is a unique partnership between the University of Gloucestershire, the Royal Agricultural University and Hartpury College. It is the largest specialist rural research centre in the UK, having expertise in all aspects of research in policy and planning for the countryside and the environment of the UK, Europe and further afield.

Mission Statement:

“The CCRI will guide and influence rural change through rigorous and theoretically sound research of clear policy relevance to the economy, society, environment and governance of the South West region, rural Britain and the rest of Europe emphasising sustainable development, economic regeneration, sustainable environments, local distinctiveness and inclusive processes. To be acknowledged as a centre of excellence in research by academic and practitioner communities and to communicate research findings effectively to public, private and voluntary sectors and all rural stakeholders.”

CCRI researchers undertake academic research across a wide range of rural issues, including Agriculture, Food and Land Use, Rural Community Development and the Rural Economy.

Major funders of research activity include organisations such as DEFRA, the Environment Agency, the Forestry Commission, Natural England, English Heritage and the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, as well as the EU.

Here is a brief list of some of the senior researchers and brief summaries of their research interests and expertise.

Professor Nigel Curry – Professor of Countryside Planning and Director of CCRI. 
•Rural economic • Rural community • Outdoor recreation • The planning system • Rural housing

Dr. Janet Dwyer – Reader in Rural Studies
•European and national agriculture and rural development policy •Sustainable agriculture •CAP reform and its effects on British agriculture •European rural environmental Policy •Nature conservation, landscape protection and management, and the protection of the cultural heritage

Dr. Peter Gaskell – Senior Research Fellow. 
•Historic environment and landscape heritage protection •Agricultural landscape change •Policy evaluation •Built heritage •Rural built environment, including historic farm buildings

Professor Brian Ilbery – Professor of Rural Studies. 
•Agricultural Change and Policy •CAP reform, farming and rural development •Farm diversification •Food supply chains and local/regional speciality food and drink products. •Plant disease risk and biosecurity

Dr Damian Maye - Senior Research Fellow
•CAP reform and rural development •Food chains, local foods and organic foods
•Plant disease and biosecurity •Microbrewing

Dr. John Powell – Senior Research Fellow
•Environmental Policy •Common land •Ecological economics •Programme evaluation

Christopher Short – Senior Research Fellow
•Agri-environment policy and management •Integrated rural development •Common land and village greens • Collective land management •Stakeholder involvement •Policy monitoring and evaluation

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